When you enter you will be greeted by the receptionist. If you have an appointment please give your details and by all means ask any questions  or request other information you may need. You will then be asked to take a seat until called in by the veterinary surgeon.

After seeing the veterinary surgeon please return to reception where we can provide you with any medicines or supplies. We ask that fees are settled after each visit unless it has been agreed that payment may be made at the end of an extended course.

We have a display area with foods and other items which you might like to look at during you visit. Also check our notice board for useful information, services and offers

*Burns natural dog food free of E-numbers and colouring agents
* Hills Science Plan Diets for dogs and cats
* Healthy diets for rabbits and guinea pigs
* An attractive selection of robust collars and leads
* Chews and dental aids (toothpaste/brushes)
* Hygienic cat litter
* Cat carriers
* Shampoos specifically for animals
* Worming treatments
* Effective flea treatments
* Healthy treats and a number of other small items

receptionThere is a weighing platform in the waiting room and clients are welcome to drop in with their pets and use this to make sure correct body weight is maintained.