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Sid and Charlotte

In September when I began working at Green Lane vets I expected to have a few surprises thrown my way but I never could have guessed what would happen one quiet afternoon in November. We were just finishing the final operation of the day when two Irish men came into the surgery with a plastic box clutched to one of their chests. On lowering the box I saw four tiny wet kittens peering out at me. Someone had abandoned the poor things out in the rain and freezing temperatures overnight outside the local Morrisons. Luckily, apart from being cold and very hungry the kittens had no signs of illness or malnutrition.

The kittens were lovingly cared for and hand reared by Kelly our groomer and receptionist, who quickly found perfect homes for all but one of the kittens from the litter. After a few weeks of begging, my partner finally gave in and let me take the last one home with me. Sid (the kitten) is now three times the size he was when I took him and loves nothing better than snuggling up on my lap after a big meal and snoring loudly. Since leaving the vets he’s been back twice to have his first course of vaccinations and now that he’s old enough he’ll be returning soon to be neutered ready for his first adventure outside